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We believe to be truly successful in our veterinary care, it’s important for you, our clients, to be educated and involved in each step of the process. We’ll work with you to provide information and education and determine your specific needs and expectations for your pet.

Wellness Care

We provide exams and screening bloodwork based on their breed, age, and lifestyle, on a once or twice yearly basis. This helps us monitor for problems before they become serious, and ensure your pet is feeling their very best!


We provide same day service for sick or injured pets. We are able to provide consultations and second opinions on difficult medical cases. We need and encourage your participation in providing the best care for your pet when they are ill. From giving us the history of events leading up to the illness, to monitoring your pet’s response to therapy and nursing care, you are an integral part of your pet’s healing. We will provide follow-up calls and always welcome your questions


There are many food choices out there, from dry to canned to raw diet and other specialty foods. We strongly believe what you feed your pet can have a profound impact on your pet’s overall health. Keeping your pets at their lean body weight can extend their lives and keep them comfortable as they age and even help address chronic medical conditions.

Dental Care

Caring for your pet’s teeth is an important part of wellness care. Tooth disease can cause disease in the heart and other parts of the body. Pets can’t talk, making any painful teeth difficult to detect but that pain can lead to a decrease in quality of life. We can help!


Managing your pet’s health and wellness may include the need for surgery. We provide an extensive range of surgical procedures, including but not limited to elective surgeries such as spay and neuter, skin mass removals, and cruciate (CCL/knee) repair.

We have the trained veterinary nursing staff on hand who will monitor your pet from the time they arrive to the time they go home to you. Our patients are provided multi-modal pain relief and nausea control, warmed IV fluids, and are wrapped post-surgery in warmed blankets. We know what your pet needs and deserves for their surgical procedure, and we provide the best.

Dogs will recover in warm, fiberglass kennels or large runs based on their size.

Cats will recover in their own quiet room, away from barking dogs and other loud noises.

We have large glass windows in our recovery and hospitalization areas which allow us to keep the rooms quiet while easily monitoring your pet.

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We Love Our Clients & They Love Us…

A dedicated & caring team

Dr. Tracy is the most dedicated veterinarian that we have ever had!! My cats were always treated with respect from her & her vet techs!!! I was so happy to hear her vet tech Melissa will be working for her again!! Dr. Tracy went above & beyond to get one of my cats a special medication to help him & we were blessed that it extended his life for 3 extra years!! My cat Angel is waiting patiently for her yearly exam just so she can return to see Dr. Tracy & Melissa!”

Judy D. — De Pere, WI

Helping pets in urgent need

Dr. Tracy Kusik and (CVT) Melissa literally saved the life of my son’s beloved cat “Ty”. We brought him to our regular vet for vaccines to show at Fair. He then became sick (unknown condition) and was hospitalized. We were left with no options for survival. Desperate to save him, I reached out to my cousin Melissa who referred us to Dr. Kusik. From our first meeting, we were given a referral to the Fox Valley Animal Referral Center and together the Specialist, Dr. Kusik and Melissa came up with a treatment and supportive care plan. Working tirelessly, they succeeded! I would highly recommend Dr. Kusik and her team to everyone.”

Jodi N. — Hobart, WI


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